Digital Signal Processing - Enhancing Inputs and Extracting Data

Muneeb Chawla is a Colorado-based technology executive who serves as senior data scientist with Optum. He creates machine learning networks that help ensure the computer system health of employees. Among the areas in which Muneeb Chawla develops solutions is digital signal processing (DSP).

Digital signal processors capture digitized signals from the actual world spanning audio, video, voice, pressure, position, and temperature. These real-world signals have already been converted to a digital format, and it is the DSP algorithms’ role to enhance signals in specific ways, or extract sought after information.

One common way in which DSP is used is in taking a digital signal that has passed through an analog-to-digital converter, and performing MP3 encoding and a file-save to memory. DSPs can also be used in enabling video compression and controlling everything from home theater capabilities to security systems. DSPs also enhance and manipulate signals in ways that boost quality, or deliver data that human senses alone cannot perceive, such as when physicians use computer-enhanced medical images.

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